Demand Optimisation

Data driven marketing, pricing and distribution for your hotel

Your Problem

As OTAs become more dominant, digital marketing more diverse, your competitive set less defined and booking lead times continue to shorten, the challenge of optimising net revenue per available room becomes more daunting.

Our Solution

Employing powerful analytics tools to read market demand and predict your hotel’s performance we optimise digital and OTA channels to achieve maximum revenue on every future date whilst ensuring you do not pay unnecessary commissions or spend excessively on paid search or meta-search.

The Demand Platform

All the while revenue management, marketing and e-commerce data are disconnected NetRevPAR performance will be sub-optimal. Our platform is a first of its kind to deliver true demand optimisation…

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Brand Ninja

Maximise the opportunity to grow using Paid Search and Meta-Search. Flex your spend dynamically to suit your occupancy forecast without worrying about budget overrun.

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Distribution Analytics

Make smarter distribution decisions by overlaying your performance by channel on the demand opportunity per channel and letting the data guide you…

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  • ‘We have seen great results in revenue growth and cost reduction since engaging GOPPAR Digital.’

    Roberto PajaresGeneral Manager - The Ampersand Hotel
  • ‘We have quickly come to rely on GOPPAR Digital, both in helping us to build the Pride of Britain brand and in our efforts to support individual member hotels. They are a trusted source of advice on digital marketing developments.’

    Peter HancockChief Executive - Pride of Britain Hotels
  • 'GOPPAR Digital are quick to react to market changes and they are getting us the best possible results with the performance of our campaigns. They meet set targets each month, they are professional, friendly and easy to work with'

    James PassLake District Hotels
  • 'We are delighted with the system and use it every day. I don't know how we managed without it.'

    Claire LynskeyGroup Distribution Manager - Dalata Hotel Group
  • 'GOPPAR Digital has changed our SEO and PPC for the better.  We now understand more about these machinations and consequently have created clear and realistic targets. Their analytics system is instrumental in our yielding thanks to its logical layout and easy to use dynamics.'

    Kate LevinGeneral Manager - Capital and Levin Hotels
  • 'I have been privileged on numerous occasions to witness Brian’s skill in presenting a difficult technical concept to largely uninformed audiences. His delivery has always captivated his listeners. He manages to inform and educate in a charming and engaging way, such that people depart with a new sense of awareness and understanding. Most important of all, however, is the clear relevance of his argument to the needs of the industry, and this message is always emphasised by a mixture of logical and unambiguous analysis.'

    Philippe RossiterExecutive Secretary - The Master Innholders
  • 'At the Master Innholder's General Managers' Conference Brian took the conference by storm when he explained the importance of looking at the 'profit per available room' rather than the traditional 'revenue per available room'. The message resonated with 350 delegates, all of whom are faced with new channels and increased commissions costs. Brian's insights and proposed solutions are a revelation to the industry.'

    David ClarkeFormer CEO Best Western UK
  • 'Brian’s contribution was invaluable at our annual client insight forum.  Our audience appreciated the insights his knowledge of the sector brought, while his engaging personality meant they were delivered in an entertaining manner.'

    James BlandClient Services Director - BDRC
  • 'Brian has worked with us helping members understand how to leverage the most from the opportunities that technology provides, and demystifying the cyber jungle.'

    Peter DruckerChief Executive - Institute of Hospitality UK

Our Services


Distribution Audit

Evaluate how OTAs are performing, uncover opportunities for optimisation and identify the potential in new channels.

Distribution Optimisation

Ensure you are selling on the right channels and managing inventory, rates, commissions and promotions to maximise demand and conversion whilst minimising the cost.

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Programmatic Marketing

Keep up with the latest revolution in digital marketing and accelerate performance. Our programmatic solution will laser-target customers at crucial stages in their travel planning ensuring your hotel is positioned front of mind.


Metasearch can be a powerful new opportunity to disintermediate OTAs and win the guest direct. We ensure you maximise its potential with an intelligent data-driven approach.

Paid Search

The benefits of using demand data to drive paid search marketing are multifold. Increase revenue, decrease OTA reliance and reduce the over cost of selling your rooms.

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