The Demand Platform

All the while revenue management, marketing and e-commerce data are disconnected NetRevPAR performance will be sub-optimal. Our platform is a first of its kind to deliver true demand optimisation.

From key performance data analysis we make more intelligent decisions on distribution, pricing and marketing.

Brand Ninja

Maximising your exposure to deliver good demand from paid search is challenging; cpc, conversion rates and ADR/ABV (conversion values) fluctuate whilst occupancy forecasts call for different spend levels at different times to maximise NetRevPAR.

Our revolutionary paid search platform, Brand Ninja, is ready to take on this challenge. It punches through performance data at both hotel and campaign level by the minute and delivers best possible results from your PPC.

Distribution Analytics

Make smarter distribution decisions by overlaying your performance by channel on the demand opportunity per channel and letting the data guide you.

We understand the levers that turn city/location demand into demand for your hotel and how that demand can be converted into bookings.

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